Marcus Visionary has been in the music game for almost two decades. Born and raised in the multicultural city of Toronto, Marcus was fortunate enough to be exposed to music early in life. Originally from Guyana, his family left their native home before Marcus’ birth. However, they brought with them the culture and music of the Caribbean and eventually sponsor the emigration of their extended family, bringing them to Canada for a better life.

For young Marcus, this meant that there was always family around and the party was always on his doorstep! His cousins and uncles would DJ all the family functions and his father was an avid record collector who owned everything from Sam Cooke and Otis Redding to the funk, disco and reggae records of the 80’s. His brother and sister were big rock and pop fans, exposing him to greats such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson. Even his babysitter aided his musical education, favouring the eccentric funk driven sounds of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, as well as the rap and electro of the early 80’s. There was no escaping music for the young and curious Marcus Visionary.

Unlike other boys, Marcus had no interest in video games, sports or toys. Instead, he was fascinated with sound systems, turntables and DJ culture. The art of playing music for the enjoyment of people was at his very core. At an early age, Marcus took over the reigns at many of his family functions and soon became the DJ who would rock all of the family parties, school dances and hall parties in his neighbourhood.

At age 17, he was spotted by his sister’s friend, who worked the door at a club in the city. Through this friend, Marcus booked his first club gig at Toronto’s famous Spectrum Nightclub, where he earned the name Mark Swift for his quick transitions and smooth mixing style. He then moved onto residencies at some of Toronto’s most famous clubs such as Copa, Empire, Jaguar and Emperess Lifetyles, where he played alongside the likes of the Ebony Soundcrew, TLC, TKO, Sunhine, Jakes, Carl Allen and Ron Nelson.

Since 1992, Marcus Visionary has been a DJ and promoter in the Toronto jungle scene and is responsible for creating early Delirium and Junglist Movement events. His Prophecy radio show is North America’s longest running Jungle/Drum & Bass radio program. This year he celebrates 15 years with partner DJ Prime. You can catch the Prophecy every Sunday night from 8-10 p.m E.S.T on 89.5 F.M or

Marcus has also collaborated with Dave Whalen under the name Visionary, creating some legendary classics. In 2005, Shy FX and T Power took note of their talent and picked up Visionary as resident artists for the new Digital Soundboy label. They’ve had three releases on the label, the latest being ‘Give Me Your Love’. For more info, check out

In the last decade Visionary has also been featured on many premiere labels including On Point, Digital Soundboy, Lion Dub, Play:music, 31 Records, Revolve:r, Trouble on Vinyl, Horizon Music, X tinction Agenda, Shout, Pure Vibes, Flex Records, Hustlin Beats, Nice and Smoothe and Visionary’s own label, Dance Rock. The Visionary sound is a fusion of dub, reggae, techno, soul and early jungle, with strict attention paid to melody and sub bass.

In the last two years, Marcus has managed to contribute a fresh new sound to the Drum & Bass world – he will be releasing a number of solo exclusives in the near future as well as overseeing the creation of Lion Dub International, a partnership with New York City’s DJ Lion Dub.

On Point Releases:
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Aries – Original Foundation (Marcus Visionary VIP)
Marcus Visionary – Nice Up The Dance / Love On Love
Visionary – Bad Man VIP
Visionary – Run For Your Life VIP / Whip Them
Visionary – Whip Them Soundboy
Visionary – Run For Your Life / Dead Man Walking
Visionary – In The Dancehall / Global Emergency
Visionary – Soul Therapy
Mega-Ton Project – Bad Man
Division One – Code One / Sound Bizness

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