For as long as he can remember‚ Everfresh has had music in his blood.

After training in music for several years and deeply entrenching himself in the underground scene, Everfresh caught the DJ bug. Thanks to his impressive drive, Everfresh was soon playing house parties and perfecting his craft – all before the age of 10. He continued to progress at an impressive rate, playing hip hop and early 90’s house music at local house parties and school dances in Scarborough, Ontario.

However, it wasn’t until 1993 that Everfresh found his true calling – the early hardcore / jungle culture, which he discovered through local community radio stations. With his characteristic dedication, Everfresh quickly became a staple of the Toronto jungle scene and was given a coveted slot at the legendary “Knowledge Night” at The Tunnel Night Club. A weekly slot on “CKLN’s Rinse Out” on 88.1 FM soon followed.

With his profile raised, Everfresh gained exposure in the North American jungle community and established contacts worldwide. He has played virtually every significant Drum & Bass hotspot in North America, as well as many international locations, including London (U.K.).

Between 1995 and 2012, Everfresh has played slots for the likes of Destiny, Embrace, Electronic Nation, On Point, Syrous, Renegades, Dose, Lifeforce, AWOL, Junglist Movement, Liquid Adrenaline, Vinyl Syndicate, Liquid Funk Sundays @ Milanos, Back 2 Back, Urban Unit, Sound Warfare, Lucid, Nation, System Soundbar, Empire, Comfort Zone, FBI, Industry, Knowledge Fridays @ The Sound Emporium, Strickly Jungle, Synthetic, Euphonic, M&J, Mad Bar, Chaotic Vibes, Soundbwoy, Voltron Force (Buffalo), and a residency at the Toronto/US company pHryL. The list goes on and on!

Currently, Everfresh can be heard at his many residencies, including Destiny, Embrace, Electronic Nation, as well as own imprint On Point’s events. In addition, Everfresh makes appearances on various community radio stations including 89.5 and 105.5…

Everfresh has earned himself an elite place in the history of worldwide Drum & Bass culture, and has captivated and inspired the respect of audiences and hopes to utilize his position to foster new talent. In 2001, He co-founded On Point Music, which seeks to spotlight the abundance of talent found in Toronto and internationally. In 2005, Everfresh started producing events under the same moniker. On Point Music is now a full service event / music company. Everfresh & On Point are well on the way to bringing exceptional talent to the worldwide EDM / Bass Music community.

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