Though he goes by the name DJ Lush, many of his peers would suggest that “the DJ’s DJ” is a more fitting nickname.

DJ Lush of Catchin’ Wreck (alongside Producer/MC Natural), is widely recognized as one of the most popular, technically skilled and influential Jungle/Drum & Bass DJs in Canada. As a highly respected and requested veteran of the Toronto scene, Lush has been playing – week in week out – at all of the major clubs and raves in Toronto and across Canada for over 15 years.

In the Drum & Bass community, DJ Lush has long been recognized for his trademark Rollin’ mixing style and his seriously upfront selection. Choosing to set the trends rather than follow them, Lush is the Toronto dub man of choice for many of the genre’s top producers and label owners. Those who choose Lush value his ability to break their new music and test it before the city’s hungry crowds. On this side of the pond, many of the biggest tunes in Drum & Bass history started their ascent to classic status in Lush’s dub box, and through his insistence on taking chances and pushing new music.

Lush plays the full spectrum of styles and flavours, but demands that the underlying theme should always be feeling, soul and a refusal to stray from the core elements of real Jungle music. Due to this refusal to be pigeonholed, Lush is highly recognized by his peers as a DJ that breaks new music. At the same time, his talent has won over many local crowds. Using new music organically in his sets, Lush’s energetic mixing style has been building a strong following for many years. His extensive experience behind the decks reading crowds enables him to play in any situation, be it for an all ages rave or a group of the most discerning trainspotters.

DJ Lush approaches every set he plays with the same enthusiasm and razor sharp precision. He is truly a DJ of all trades.

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