NC-17 is a Drum & Bass act based in Toronto, Canada. The namesake refers to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rating system which undertakes that an NC-17 rating film would be one based around violence, sex, aberrational behavior, drug abuse or any other element that most parents would consider too intense for viewing by their children. NC-17’s love of cinema is reflected not only in his name, but equally in his music, combining both NC-17 rating style hardness and a cinematic edge that any fan of Drum & Bass will understand. Crafting music that works not only in an artistic capacity, but also as a catalyst to making clubbers shake their collective booties!

NC-17 started in 2004, initially learning his craft from Impulse of Corrupt Soul’s fame, NC-17 began to draw on a huge range of musical and audio-visual influences to create his own unique sound.

NC-17 is an experienced DJ, promoter, producer and University educated film maker. Discovered by the legendary DJ Trace’s imprint DSCI4 for the track Slug Path which garnered a lot of attention from some of the major players in Drum n Bass with a massive Dj Support by Andy C, DJ Hype & Ed Rush. Following this massive release on DSCI4, NC-17 went on to sign with various labels but wasn’t until he got signed to Viper Recordings & Renegade Hardware where NC-17 got a lot of attention from the public & ever since then NC-17 has been plugging away with massive releases on many of the premier Drum n Bass labels. With big singles on State of Mind, MacII, and All Sorts.

In 2012 NC-17 started the label Grindhou5e Audio which features some of NC-17’s own work but also signing tracks from such artists as The Upbeats, State of Mind, Smooth, Mr Explicit, Cabin Fever & Fade. With big dj support Grindhou5e is a label to watch for in the future.

With NC-17 plugging away with production, djing & now with his own imprint the skies the limit for this DNB act from Toronto.

On Point Releases:
NC-17 & NuSense – Henchville

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